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Measurement Computing

PC-based data acquisition, control, and GPIB hardware and software

Measurement ComputingMeasurement Computing Corporation (formerly ComputerBoards, Inc) has two missions: 

First — to offer the best-value, highest quality, computer-based data acquisition, control, and GPIB hardware and software available. Our second, and equally important mission — to offer our customers superior post-sale support. From providing the finest telephone technical and sales support on our latest product offerings, through continuing first rate support to users of older products and operating systems, we’re committed to you!

We’re always developing new and better products, and we hope you’ll take advantage of our new product offerings. We stand behind all the products we sell. As new operating systems and software arrive, you can be sure your board will continue to be supported.Unlike some companies, we won’t try to obsolete the product you just bought so we can sell you a new one next year.

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