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Network Vision's IntraVUE!

See devices joining, moving, disconnecting, or generating too much traffic automatically. No constant reprogramming required.

Network VisionIntraVUE™ is the flagship product of Network Vision. This software gives users the ability to automatically discover and, more importantly, automatically map all IP devices in a network and show their communication status on a single graphical display.

You wouldn't consider deploying and supporting PLCs without the live view of ladder logic power flow! Why then are you blind to communication flow?

Ladder Logic is vital to view the disruption in the control system usually caused by a problem with a connected device. It is seldom the construction of the logic but the connected equipment that is the cause of most downtime. Ladder Logic graphically represents the flow so that local technicians can quickly and easily resolve the problem. Without this graphical view it would be virtually impossible to support control systems.

Like properly constructed control programs, Ethernet network architecture is not often the cause of communication problems on the plant floor. Like our previous example it is the connected equipment operating in the harsh industrial environment that account for over 60% of communication disruptions

IntraVUE™ is the graphical support tool for monitoring data flow between Industrial Equipment and Operator stations!

IntraVUE's live view provides a powerful visualization of how devices are communicating. By providing a simplified graphically overview many unique problems are easily resolved. No complex tables or charts, open up an IntraVUE display and see a problem in seconds. You do not need to be a network expert to troubleshoot with IntraVUE!

Our software enables local resources to have the ability to address basic problems or be better informed to assist if network experts are required.

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