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Dream ReportsDream Reports

Dream Report™is a complete reporting solution, enabling users to collect real-time and historical data, from a variety of sources, and create dynamic, custom reports that can then be sent to an email server, a web portal, a file server or a fax machine.


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  • Windows XP PRO/2000/ Windows 2003
  • IIS to enable web browser
  • Acrobat Reader

Sample Report Templates:

Dream Reports

Dream Report™ consists of two modules – Dream Report Studio and Dream Report Runtime.

Dream Report Studio is used to define and configure:

Dream ReportIn the Logger Section:

  • The Real Time data sources
  • The Historian data sources
  • The logging rules for the database

In the Designer Section:

  • All analysis and statistical information
  • Report Templates
  • The Reports Properties for execution and distribution
  • The Dream Report Web Portal

Dream Report Runtime is used to manage and execute:

  • Dream ReportsThe security and access rights
  • Data and Alarm acquisition
  • Data logging into the database
  • Automatic execution of reports – on demand, on schedule or on an event
  • Distribution of reports to all predefined
  • targets (Email, Printers, Server)
  • Manage Dream Report Web Portal
  • Dream Report Generator – allows users to select any report from a currently running project, define
    the report period, and generate new reports. It is
    also implemented as an ActiveX component to enable
    report generation from any ActiveX container.

Feature List:

  • Intuitive, easy to use, out-of-the-box solution
  • Collects real time and historical data from multiple data sources
  • Collects Data and Alarms
  • Logs and aggregates data in customer specified database
  • Enables logging periodically, on event or on specific condition for clean and accurate archives 
  • Provides most popular historical statistics such as Min, Max, Sum,
      Average, Counts, Duration…
  • Enables report template definition and saving
  • Supports batch reports
  • Generates reports in secured PDF format  
  • Generates reports periodically, on specific conditions, or on demand
  • Enables dynamic report settings change
  • Saves reports on local or network drives and file servers
  • Automatically email reports to a predefined list of recipients
  • Print reports to any local or remote printer over the network
  • Publish and generate reports from a secure Web portal

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